Tooth Extraction in San Antonio, TX

Teeth Extraction in San Antonio, TX

The dentist extracts teeth that have entirely emerged using a procedure known as a simple extraction, which involves lifting or pulling the tooth from its socket with specialized equipment.

The dentist might replace the removed tooth with a dental implant or bridge if needed. If you require a tooth extraction in San Antonio, call our dentists today!

What to Expect During Tooth Extraction Appointment?

Patients are sometimes apprehensive about having a tooth pulled, but advanced anesthetic techniques make the surgery considerably more bearable than you may expect. Our dentists near you put tooth extractions into two categories.

When the tooth has emerged through the gums, a simple extraction is performed. When the tooth has not yet erupted, a surgical extraction is performed.

Simple Tooth Extraction

After giving you numbing medication, your dentist will use an elevator to push the tooth up, exposing the ligament that holds it in place. To make extra room in the socket, they may rock the tooth back and forth.

Next, the tooth will be extracted from the socket using forceps, which look like tweezers. Your dentist may use a suture or two to keep the socket closed and speed up the clotting process. They will apply gauze to the wound to absorb the blood. Once the bleeding has stopped, you should be able to drive home.

Surgical Tooth Extraction

Our oral surgeon may use an IV anesthetic to make you unconscious during the treatment if you need a surgical extraction near you. They will remove bone and connective tissue that hold the tooth in position. The tooth may need to be split into chunks and removed piece by piece.

The socket might be sewn shut. Your mouth will be stuffed with gauze to absorb the blood when you wake up. Because the anesthetic will wear off slowly over the next few hours, you will need someone to drive you home.

Why Do You Have To Get Your Teeth Removed?

Although dentists try to preserve your natural teeth, some situations, like extensive tooth decay or damage, necessitate a dental extraction. At Sonrisa Dental, our dentist ensures that extractions are as comfortable and pain-free for you as possible.

Safe and Effective Tooth Extractions in San Antonio

The goal of our dentist during tooth extractions in San Antonio is to carry out the procedure as safely and effectively as possible. You will be injected with a local anesthetic to eliminate pain during the extraction procedure. You might need sedation if your teeth are impacted and need a more comprehensive approach.

The dentist will also prescribe painkillers and antibiotics after the procedure to relieve pain and prevent infections.

Gentle Tooth Extractions – Expert Care You Deserve

We also perform an emergency tooth extraction in San Antonio at Sonrisa Dental to help our patients get relief from pain and discomfort. Our experienced and compassionate dental team will stand with you offering every help possible throughout your procedure.

Please book an appointment at Sonrisa Dental if you are looking for safe, efficient tooth extraction near you.


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