Root Canal Therapy in San Antonio, TX

Root Canal Therapy in San Antonio

The crown of a tooth is the area of the tooth utilized to chew food. The component of the tooth embedded in the bone beneath the gum line is known as tooth’s root. The tooth’s root anchors the tooth in the bone socket and is about twice the size of the crown itself. Inside the hollow structure of the tooth’s root, you will find the pulp tissue. Blood, arteries, nerves, and connective tissue make up this soft tissue. The pulp is responsible for the tooth’s critical nutrition.

When is Root Canal Therapy Needed?

A root canal is required if the pulp tissue or nerve inside the tooth becomes inflamed or infected. A variety of factors can cause this. The most common reason for inflammation and infection is tooth decay that has over time progressed down into the tooth, permitting harmful bacteria to access the soft tissue of the pulp.

According to our dentists near you, trauma, an unintentional blow to the tooth, numerous fillings, or a worn-down tooth in need of a crown are some causes. All of these factors can potentially infect or inflame or the pulp. Infection and inflammation near the end of the tooth might extend into the surrounding bone.

What to Expect

The most common fear among patients of our dentists in San Antonio is whether or not the surgery will be uncomfortable. Thanks to anesthetics and other modern technology, root canal therapy is no more painful than getting a filling. Over-the-counter or prescription drugs can help alleviate the discomfort.

Our dentist numbs the tooth, extracts the inflamed or infected pulp, sanitizes and molds the inside of the tooth, then fills and plugs the area to avoid further infection and suffering.

Teeth can function correctly for a lifetime if root canal operations are conducted appropriately. Give our team of friendly dentists a call if you have any questions or want to schedule a consultation.


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