Partials and Full Dentures in San Antonio, TX

Partials And Full Dentures in San Antonio, TX

Sonrisa Dental has dentists in San Antonio that can replace missing teeth with partial or full dentures to enhance your appearance and charm while also allowing you to chew and speak more freely.

What Are Partials and Full Dentures?

If you’re wondering how you can benefit between partials and full dentures near you, here’s what you can expect. A full-set of dentures has a flesh-colored plastic or acrylic foundation on the gums and is precisely sculpted to fit snugly and comfortably.

The roof of the mouth, also known as the pallete, is covered by the upper set of your dentures. Saliva helps to hold the dentures in place by forming a seal between the dentures and the gums itself. A dry mouth can cause dentures to shift or loosen, which is why staying hydrated is essential to proper denture use and care.

The bottom set of dentures are horseshoe-shaped to ensure there is enough room for the tongue. The bottom set is held in place by the cheek and tongue muscles. A partial denture is a plate with one or more artificial teeth attached to it. A dental bridge is a considerable option for patients who have natural teeth that are healthy and sturdy.

While it’s true that dentures take some getting accustomed to and will never feel exactly like your actual teeth, the dentures created at Sonrisa Dental are significantly more natural-looking and pleasant than dentures created even a decade ago.

Choosing Between Partials and Full Dentures

Dentures are created to order in a lab using impressions of the patient’s mouth. Someone missing multiple teeth in a row but generally has good oral health is a perfect candidate.

Full dentures may be the best choice for someone missing most or all of their teeth along the dental arch. On the other hand, a partial denture might be the best option if the patient is missing only a few teeth.

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