Dental Fillings in San Antonio, TX

Teeth Fillings in San Antonio

If the tooth is left untreated, it may get infected, necessitating a root canal or perhaps extraction. If you have a cavity, our dentists in San Antonio at Sonrisa Dental will most likely offer dental fillings near you as a treatment. But what are fillings technically, and do you need them?

What to Expect During Your Fillings Appointment

Our dentist near you will numb the region around the tooth using a local anesthetic. Next, the dentist will remove the decayed section of the tooth with a drill, an air abrasion device, or even a laser.

Following a thorough examination, our dentist in San Antonio must clean the area to remove any stray debris or bacteria. They’d just leave a new zone of deterioration if they didn’t.

A dentist can begin filling the cavity once the space is clear. This technique can take a variety of shapes depending on the material employed. For tooth-colored fillings, for example, the material is put in stages, with each layer requiring the application of a specific light to solidify the material.

After finishing each layer, the dentist will mold the material into its correct shape, remove any excess material, and polish it to appear more realistic.

Teeth Filling After Care

After you’ve had a filling placed, you should treat it like any other tooth. Maintaining good dental care and seeing your dentist at Sonrisa Dental for regular cleanings will help your fillings last longer.

Your dentist will examine the condition of your fillings during routine check-ups. If they detect a problem with a filling, they’ll order X-rays to see if the filling has to be repaired or replaced.

If a filling doesn’t feel quite right between check-ups, make a note of it. If you’re experiencing unusual sensitivity, discover sharp edges on a filled tooth, or notice visible chips or cracks, it’s time to schedule an appointment.


“My daughter had her first filling and had some anxiety about it. The dentist and assistant explained what they were doing, which helped my daughter be at ease. She expected pain, but there wasn’t any. Thank you Sonrisa Dental!”

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