Here’s What to Eat after Having Teeth Pulled and Dentures Put in

Here’s What to Eat after Having Teeth Pulled and Dentures Put in
June 1, 2023

You confront many changes when you have teeth pulled and dentures put in simultaneously, which you never thought of experiencing. Your biggest concern is eating foods and wanting to know what to eat after getting your teeth extracted.

If you undergo tooth extraction in San Antonio and request dentures be put in immediately, you care for your aesthetic appearance because the replacement teeth help restore your smile. However, what about your tummy, which also needs nourishment to keep you healthy? If you don’t have answers to the question, we suggest you continue reading this article, where we explore these concerns and provide advice on dealing with them in the aftermath of tooth extraction.

Tooth Extractions Explained

Tooth extraction is the procedure of removing a natural tooth entirely from its socket. The San Antonio dentist performs the process using nonsurgical methods or even surgery if required. Whatever the case, the void in your mouth has roots, and a blood clot must form. The blood clot is essential for healing correctly because it acts as a framework for developing new tissue that eventually covers the opening and allows you to partly fill the void left by the missing tooth.

Eating after a Tooth Extraction

Eating foods after getting a tooth removed is not challenging as long as you care for the tooth socket. You can have bland and easy-to-chew foods containing nutrition to sustain you and promote healing. You can cut foods into small pieces, making them comfortable for chewing. However, you must avoid hot or cold foods soon after tooth removal.

After removing your tooth, you can consider having soft foods favoring versions like mashed potatoes, scrambled eggs, smoothies, cooked cereal, ripe bananas, yogurt, applesauce, et cetera.

You must exercise caution not to have foods near the extracted tooth for fear of dislodging the blood clot or letting food particles remain trapped in the socket. The restrictions stay with you for about 48 hours because the blood clot forms in the preceding time.

Fluids to Have or Avoid After Tooth Extractions

Consider having lukewarm liquids instead of hot beverages after getting a tooth removed. In addition, you must avoid coffee and alcohol because they can delay your healing. You must exercise caution not to have any beverages harmful to the tooth socket to prevent complications that might need additional treatments from the dentist in San Antonio. Furthermore, when drinking beverages, you must avoid using straws because the suction will cause pain and result in blood clot dislodging. Therefore while you can have juices at room temperature or milkshakes, you must avoid coffee and alcohol to prevent complications.

Foods to Eat After Having Teeth Pulled and Dentures Put in

After having your tooth extracted and acquiring dentures in San Antonio, you confront another challenge thinking about what to eat after the dentures are put in by the professional. However, the answer to your question is straightforward. You must continue having a list of foods mentioned above that you had soon after tooth extraction because your mouth remains tender and in recovery mode over an extended area. Whether you had one tooth or multiple teeth pulled and replaced with dentures, you must stick to the soft foods suggested after your mouth becomes accustomed to the dental appliances.

If immediate dentures are placed after tooth extraction, you may tolerate more foods because the original covers and protects the extraction site. However, you must exercise caution until the tooth removal site has healed and your gums no longer feel tender by utilizing the below-mentioned steps to adjust eating with your dentures.

Tips for Adjusting to Eating with Dentures

Adjusting to eating with dentures is another challenge you will confront when you have your missing tooth replaced immediately with these dental prosthetics. Therefore, you must start slowly, chew evenly on both sides of your mouth, and avoid hot liquids. Cutting your food into smaller pieces helps to chew without confronting challenges and makes your job easier because you don’t exert pressure on your gums when they are trying to adjust.

It helps to remain mindful of tough and sticky foods and expect some soreness until your body becomes accustomed to the dental appliance. Using the tips suggested and with some patience, you will likely eat normally in a few weeks. Learning to eat with dentures is not straightforward, but it beats the alternative of living with missing teeth, making it essential to replace your extracted tooth immediately after the procedure.

If you must have a tooth or two extracted and want to replace them with dentures Sonrisa Dental, P.A. performs the extractions and provides immediate dentures to satisfy your aesthetic goals. You also receive instructions on the foods you can eat after getting dentures put in soon after tooth removal. Visit them to achieve your goal of satisfying your aesthetic needs and nourishment after tooth removal and replacement with dentures.