Emergency Dentistry: the Key to Prompt and Effective Dental Care

Emergency Dentistry: the Key to Prompt and Effective Dental Care
May 2, 2023

What happens when a dental emergency such as a severely broken tooth or one knocked out of your mouth affects you? You may wonder how to ensure your smile is not impacted, or you suffer from additional dental complications. You may not think getting help from the nearby emergency dentist is essential, believing you can delay the matter until you can see your regular dentist.

When you suffer from dental emergencies as described, you must get prompt and effective dental care from any dentist nearby offering emergency services. The key to preserving a knocked-out tooth or extracting a severely impacted tooth helps prevent additional complications or expenditure from receiving intensive dental treatments. Therefore whenever you are affected by dental emergencies, you must consider visiting an emergency dentist nearby for help instead of delaying treatment until you can get to your regular dentist.

In many cases, receiving treatment immediately for dental emergencies helped alleviate pain and potentially preserve your natural teeth. Unfortunately, extractions become necessary in some if your teeth are severely impacted or infected to safeguard your dental health and overall well-being.

Why Do You Neglect Visits to an Emergency Dentist?

Emergency dentists probably encourage you to avoid visiting them because you perceive they will charge higher prices for any services they offer to aggravate your anxiety with the discomfort in your mouth. However, you must realize emergency dentists work beyond office hours and, often, patients immediately upon arrival at their practice. Emergency dentists do not make you wait in a queue or inquire about dental appointments when you visit them. Instead, they prioritize your treatment to ensure they alleviate pain to help you get a good night’s rest when other dentists are not available to provide services.

Can An Emergency Dentist Extract A Tooth?

Emergency dentists are professionals graduating from dental school after four years of training and are experienced in performing straightforward or complex dental procedures.

If you need a tooth extracted because it is severely decayed or damaged and causing excruciating pain, the emergency dentist in San Antonio suggests extractions and performs the procedure using minimally invasive techniques. Similarly, if you have excessive bleeding from your mouth due to impacts or gum disease, they can provide treatments to help the bleeding subside to end your concern. Therefore you need a tooth pulled, or your teeth cleaned; emergency dentists can provide any services you need when you approach them for treatment. However, they will likely inquire about appointments and make you wait your turn before giving treatment for minor problems that do not constitute emergencies. In addition, you benefit by paying lower prices for nonemergency therapies.

What Emergencies Need Prompt Treatment?

Dental emergencies exist in various forms, with some needing immediate treatment while others merely need urgent dental care near you. For example, a severely infected tooth with a dental abscess challenging to repair or restore needs emergency treatment. On the other hand, a missing filling in your tooth, although concerning, is comfortably managed the receiving urgent care near you. Emergencies like a knocked-out tooth, dental abscess, excessively bleeding soft tissues, chipped and broken teeth, severe toothaches, and bleeding accompanied by pain after tooth extraction need prompt treatment. However, you don’t need to visit emergency dentistry in San Antonio if you have broken orthodontics in your mouth causing discomfort. You can manage the problem by using orthodontic wax over the wires without cutting them to avoid swallowing.

Why Can’t an Infected Tooth Be Pulled?

Misconceptions are associated with infected or abscessed teeth stating they cannot be removed. The reality is entirely different. In many cases, the best option is to remove the infected tooth to eradicate the infection from the mouth.

When you have an infected tooth with a dental abscess, the bacteria eventually gets to the soft center of the tooth to cause nerve damage. In such cases, emergency dentists suggest a root canal to prevent the aggravation of the damage. Unfortunately, if you prefer leaving the tooth untreated after the infection advances the nerves, dentists have no option but to recommend and perform an extraction to safeguard your dental health.

Whenever affected by a dental emergency, you are responsible for ensuring you receive prompt treatment to prevent pain and loss of your teeth or invite other complications in your mouth. In addition, receiving treatment immediately from an emergency dentist by paying higher prices results in savings because you may not have to invest in tooth replacement solutions costing thousands.

If you or your family member encounters a dental emergency, you must understand why it is essential to receive prompt treatment from an emergency dentist. Sonrisa Dental provides emergency services to many patients treating them upon arrival at their dental practice. Head over to their office when challenged by a dental emergency without exceptions.