Different Types Of Dentures And How They Impact Your Oral Health

Different Types Of Dentures And How They Impact Your Oral Health
November 1, 2022

Tooth loss is a common issue affecting many teenagers and adults. However, you might not think tooth loss is a significant problem unless you miss a couple of teeth in your mouth’s posterior or anterior region. When you are affected by tooth loss, you start researching for options to help replace them using a solution that you think will remain with you for life or at least help close the gaps between your teeth.

If you conduct proper research, you will notice replacements for lost teeth are not challenging to find. However, you might also balk at the investments required for getting replacement teeth. Therefore, you might want an affordable option that doesn’t require processes like tooth structure removal, being familiar with dental bridges or surgery and plenty of waiting time until you heal to get your replacement teeth.

If you want a solution to replace missing teeth without the intensive procedures required by bridges or implants, the sole option is dentures. Dentures have been around for over a century and are a time-tested solution for replacing missing teeth. However, if you don’t have complete information on what dentures are and how they can help you, we suggest you learn from this article about them and visit the San Antonio dentist’s office to learn how best to replace your lost teeth.

What Are Dentures?

Dentures are removable dental prosthetics that help restore your smile and your ability to eat and speak efficiently. Dentures are custom created in dental laboratories from impressions of your mouth to ensure comfortable and personalized fitting.

When created by professionals, durable materials help make dentures customized to match the color and appearance of your natural teeth and gums. In addition, high-impact acrylic bases help make dentures long-lasting and stain resistant with proper care. As a result, present-day dentures offer comfort and functionality and are natural looking besides remaining durable when cared for correctly.

Types of Dentures

When considering replacement teeth with dentures, you will find it challenging to determine by yourself which types of dentures are best suited for your situation. Different kinds of dentures are available on the market to suit every case. Therefore you must discuss your requirement with the dentist in San Antonio for the best advice on the specific type of denture best suited for you.

When you visit the San Antonio dentist, you will likely express surprise at the different kinds of dentures available to replace missing teeth. For example, you can consider conventional complete dentures if you have lost all your teeth in your upper or lower jaw. You can even look at immediate full dentures if you must have all your teeth extracted to restore your smile immediately after the extraction.

As you have lost a couple of teeth, the dentist will likely recommend you replace them with partial dentures in San Antonio, TX, convincing you they are the most affordable and effective solution for your missing teeth. You can select a solution based on your specific needs and return confidently from the dentist’s office after providing impressions of your mouth to have the professionals custom-create your artificial teeth.

How do Dentures Impact Your Oral Health?

When you consider replacing missing teeth with dentures, it helps if you don’t worry about how the prosthetics will impact your oral health. Instead, you must consider how your missing teeth are already affecting your dental and overall health.

Are you aware the moment you miss a couple of teeth, your remaining teeth get into ‘action mode’ to close the gaps in your mouth? If you don’t, your remaining teeth begin shifting towards the vacant openings to leave you with misalignments in your mouth, making your teeth appear crooked to impact your smile significantly. The movement also makes you prone to dental infections because crooked teeth are challenging to clean and soon make you a victim of tooth decay and gum disease.

Missing teeth impact your biting and chewing abilities to leave you undernourished because you cannot have your favorite foods by biting or chewing them and must swallow large chunks. The problems with eating soon make you a victim of indigestion, leaving you with general health problems that need treatments from different medical professionals.

In contrast, if you decide to replace your missing teeth with dentures, they help you overcome all the challenges discussed to help you continue with your life as usual. Therefore do not consider how dentures will impact your oral health. Instead, view how they will improve your overall health and save unnecessary expenditure.

Caring for Your Dentures

Caring for dentures is not a significant challenge soon as you consider them part of your mouth and similar to your natural teeth. Depending on the kind of prosthetic in your mouth, you can indulge in cleaning and storing the dentures as suggested by the San Antonio dentist. If you have removable prosthetics, they need removal every night besides brushing and storing them in water or cleansing solution to ensure they don’t warp. You care for dentures similar to natural teeth to ensure they remain with you for as long as possible to provide their benefits without posing challenges.

Whether you have lost a couple of teeth or must have all teeth extracted, Sonrisa Dental provides partial or complete dentures best suited for your needs. If you want to benefit from these dental prosthetics contacting this practice for assistance helps restore your mouth functionality and smile with an affordable option with dentures.