Your Comfort

A Full Range of Sedation Dentistry Options

Our team prides itself on delivering gentle dentistry. But for some patients, any dental appointment can be a difficult experience. Dental anxiety is challenging at any level. So Sonrisa Dental works to relieve all your worry and fear, making treatment easy for you with conscious sedation dentistry. Our practice is one of the few in the state that is qualified to administer both oral sedation and IV sedation. We also use nitrous oxide (also known as laughing gas) when only lighter sedation is needed.

Because Dr. Barber is certified to personally administer IV sedation, this is a very affordable option for you. IV sedation provides the highest level of sedation and takes effect quickly. It allows us to have more control  over the level of your sedation, which is a big advantage over simply taking a pill. With this method, time seems to fly by, and most people won’t remember their procedure. An hour appointment will literally seem like two minutes. The sedation level is very safe and accurate, and you’ll have no memory of your visit. The technique can be used for long appointments that involve more extensive dental work, as well as to alleviate the concerns of nervous patients.

If you prefer a lighter level of sedation, oral conscious sedation is another option we offer. You simply take a pill an hour before your appointment. While you sit in the dental chair, you gradually relax away your tension. You can still respond to any questions the doctor may ask. Throughout the procedure, your vital signs are monitored. And upon completion of your treatment, a friend or family member will drive you home. In a short time, you’ll be back to normal.

It is important to know you are not completely “put under,” like you would be for surgery. You are sedated just enough to forget the procedure, but still maintain control of perception of what is going on around you. This type of sedation relieves you of stress and lets you feel comfortable about the work being performed.

For patients who don’t need these deeper levels of sedation, nitrous oxide – also known as “laughing gas” – is commonly used to make treatment more comfortable. You inhale the gas through a mask, and a state of relaxation is induced. Local anesthetic will be administered in conjunction with nitrous oxide to eliminate pain in most cases.

The STA System™

Single-tooth anesthesia is the first computer-controlled local anesthetic system. One injection at a single tooth numbs the area. The dentist can anesthetize a single tooth more precisely, in just one to two minutes, instead of administering an anesthetic that numbs your entire lip. The STA works immediately, whereas the typical anesthetic can take 8 to 12 minutes. STA lasts as long as traditional anesthesia. This technology has been clinically proven to provide a pain-free injection.

‘I Didn’t Feel a Thing!’

We are proud to offer The Wand™, a high-tech, computerized anesthetic delivery system. The Wand’s accurate, safer delivery of anesthesia means we can now deliver a shot to a patient and they almost always say, “I didn’t feel a thing!” You no longer have to be anxious about the traditional dental needle when you visit our office.

Even More Comfortable Anesthetic

Even if you aren’t nervous about going to the dentist, everyone wants to avoid discomfort. One of the latest tools in dental technology is called DentalVibe™. This device sends gentle vibrations to the area of the injection. The vibrations are picked up by the nerve endings before the sensation of the needle. This essentially eliminates any pain messages and allows us to give you a comfortable injection with zero discomfort.

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